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Leading members of Lebanon's prominent community are cordially invited to join our prestigious web site, which has been created by, Lebanon's leading live-news web site.

Dedicated to prominent Lebanese living in Lebanon and abroad, has been created with a view to documenting the lives and highlighting the achievements of outstanding personalities, whereby success is defined in terms of contribution to one's field, social responsibility, income and wealth; it also aims at establishing positive ties between Lebanese immigrants and their motherland. also covers excelling companies, banks, industries, hotels, shopping outlets, fashion houses, restaurants, tourist resorts, travel agencies, and many others.

Offering its members a permanent and continually updated presence across borders and time, takes pride in being the first site of its kind in Lebanon and the Middle East. It also takes pride in having at its disposal the wealth of information provided by in its capacity to gather up-to-the-minute news and comprehensive data on Lebanon, the Middle East and the world at large.

Members can opt for one or two kinds of profiles, the brief and the expanded. In a brief profile, the members can create their own CVs, though templates facilitate fitting the profile in the used norms. The expanded profile includes specific sections, added at will, on the members' educational, political, family and professional backgrounds, as well as their interviews, statements, articles, publications, photo albums, autobiographies, contact us, and related links.

As a member, you will enjoy many benefits, including exposure to over 20,000 visitors per day, a link to your personal web site and/or the possibility of creating a private web site for you, a private email at ProminentLebanese, publishing your news, statements and articles on a regular basis, free access to Lebanonwire, presence in thousands of regional and international search engines and directories, and initial announcement in over 100 Lebanese and Arab web sites.

Members can also have their own Web Logs, where they can post any thing they like, including statements, diaries, opinions, photos, polls and links. This feature offers members the ability to enter and edit their data online through a control panel set for this purpose. Additions and changes to Web Logs can be published and viewed instantly. A special section will be allocated in  ProminentLebanese for this feature. As a result, Web Logs will be indexed by and viewed on all search engines

Membership in ProminentLebanese will give you an everlasting presence among the elite, in addition to constantly enhancing your public image at the local and international levels.

We look forward to seeing you among our valued members.


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