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February 12, 2006


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Syria's new government line-up

DAMASCUS - Syrian President Bashar al-Assad reshuffled his government on Saturday, bringing in 12 new ministers and elevating veteran foreign minister Faruq al-Shara to the post of vice president.

Following is the new cabinet list:

  • Prime Minister: Mohammed Naji Otri
  • Foreign Minister: Walid Muallem (new)
  • Defence: Hassan Turkmani (unchanged)
  • Interior: General Bassam Abdel Majid (new)
  • Information: Mohsen Bilal (new)
  • Finance: Mohammed al-Hussein (unchanged)
  • Oil and Mineral Resources: Sufian Allaw (new)
  • Industry: Fuad Issa Joni (new)
  • Economy and Trade: Amer Hosni Lutfi (unchanged)
  • Health: Maher Hussami (unchanged)
  • Justice: Mohammed Ghafri (unchanged)
  • Higher Education: Ghiath Barakat (new)
  • Local Administration and the Environment: Hilal al-Atrash (unchanged)
  • Tourism: Saadallah Agha al-Qalaa (unchanged)
  • Deputy prime minister for economic affairs: Abdallah Dardari (unchanged)
  • Presidential Affairs Minister: Ghassan Laham (unchanged)
  • Agriculture: Adel Safar (unchanged)
  • Expatriates: Bussaina Shaaban (unchanged)
  • Education: Ali Saad (unchanged)
  • Irrigation: Nader al-Bunni (unchanged)
  • Waqf (religious endowment): Mohammed Zyad Ayubi (unchanged)
  • Social Affairs and Labour: Diala Haj-Aref (unchanged)
  • Culture: Riad Naassan-Agha (new)
  • Electricity: Ahmad Khaled Ali (new)
  • Housing and Construction: Hammud al-Hussein (new)
  • Transport: Yaarob Suleiman Badr (new)
  • Communications and Technology: Amr Nazir Salem (new)
  • Ministers of state:
  • Yusef Suleiman al-Ahmad (unchanged)
  • Bashar al-Shaar (unchanged)
  • Ghiath Jaratli (unchanged)
  • Hussein Mahmud Farzat (new)
  • Joseph Suweid (new)
  • Hassan Sari (new)
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